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    Facilities and Services(0)
      Adult Homes(1)
      Caregiver Support Groups(2)
      County Health Offices(4)
      Court Houses(5)
      Electric Vehicle Charging Stations(175)
      Enriched Housing(6)
      Family Resources(7)
      Fire Stations(8)
      Food Bank(9)
      Food Pantries(10)
      Gas Stations(11)
      Historic Sites(12)
      Hotels and Motels(14)
      Houses of Worship(15)
      Municipal Buildings(18)
      Nutrition Sites(19)
      Nursing Homes(20)
      NYS DMV Offices(21)
      NYS Employment Centers(22)
      Police Stations(24)
      Polling Places(25)
      Post Offices(26)
      Private Schools(27)
      Public and Private Beaches(28)
      Public Schools(29)
      Residential Health Care(30)
      Restaurant Inspections(173)
      Retirement Assisted(32)
      Senior Centers(33)
      Senior Housing(34)
      Senior Living(35)
      Soup Kitchens(37)
      Universities and Colleges(39)
      Volunteer Ambulance Corps(40)
      Youth Services(41)
      Library Caregiver Resource Centers(42)
      Livable Community Connection Regions(43)
    Environmental Features(44)
      2 Foot Contours(45)
      2-Foot Topo (Download Only)(46)
      LiDAR Index (Download Only)(47)
      Catch Basins and Drainage Manholes(176)
      Citizen Water Monitoring Sites(48)
      County Channel Lines(49)
      County Trail System(50)
      County Sewage Treatment Plants(51)
      Critical Environmental Areas(52)
      Drainage Divides(53)
      Farms, Stables, Nurseries(54)
      Fish and Wildlife Habitats(55)
      Hazardous Waste Sites(56)
      Septic Pump Out Data(144)
        Septic Pump Out 2011(169)
        Septic Pump Out 2012(170)
        Septic Pump Out 2013(171)
        Septic Pump Out 2014(167)
        Septic Pump Out 2015(168)
        Septic Pump Out 2016(174)
        Septic Pump Out 2017(160)
        Septic Pump Out 2018(180)
      Petroleum Bulk Storage(58)
      Stormwater Outfalls(59)
      Sewage Treatment Facilities (Private)(60)
      Farmable Soil(63)
      USDA Soil Survey(177)
      Flood Plains(65)
      Hydric Soil Wetlands(66)
      NYS Regulated Wetlands(67)
      National Wetlands Inventory(166)
      Southern Exposure(68)
      Steep Slopes(69)
      Tidal Wetlands(70)
      Open Space(71)
      Land Use(72)
      USGS Quad Boundaries(164)
    District Boundaries(76)
      Municipal Boundaries(77)
      Address Number(78)
      Tax Parcels(79)
      County Legislative Districts(80)
      NYS Assembly Districts(84)
      NYS Senate Districts(85)
      US Congressional Districts(88)
      Election Districts(172)
      Police Districts(86)
      School Districts(87)
      Fire Districts(82)
      EMS Districts(81)
      Water Districts(89)
      Generalized Zoning(83)
      Zip Code Boundaries(90)
      Agricultural Districts(91)
      County Sewer Districts(92)
      Bee Line Bus Routes(94)
      Bee Line Bus Stops(95)
      County Roads(96)
      State Roads(97)
      Train Stations(98)
      Park and Rides(99)
      Utility Poles(179)
      Traffic Cameras(100)
    Emergency Zones/Support(101)
      Indian Point(102)
      Emergency Bus Stops(103)
      Indian Point Sirens(104)
      Emergency Reception Centers(105)
      Evacuation Routes(106)
      Indian Point 10-Mile Radius(107)
      EPZ Municipality(108)
      Evac Status by School Districts(109)
      Hurricane Planning Zone(110)
      Hurricane Storm Surge Zones(111)
    2010 Census(113)
      2010 Census Voting Districts(114)
      2010 Census Blocks(115)
      2010 Census Block Groups (116)
      2010 Census Tracts(117)
      2010 Census Persons Per Square Mile(118)
      2010 Census White Population(119)
      2010 Census Black or African American Population (120)
      2010 Census Asian Population(121)
      2010 Census Hispanic or Latino Population(122)
      2010 Census Population Age Over 18(123)
    Local Government(124)
        Tuckahoe Storm Catchbasins(126)
        Tuckahoe Storm Manholes(127)
        Tuckahoe Storm Outfalls(128)
        Tuckahoe Storm Pipes(129)
      Mount Vernon(151)
        Mt Vernon School Districts(150)
      Bedford Ridgelines(147)
      Yorktown Wetlands(178)
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