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Environmental Data Downloads
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Click dataset name for additional information (where available).  Click shapefile and KMZ globes to download the zipped data files.

Dataset SHP KMZ
2016 Soil Survey (SSURGO)
22.4 MB
Beaches (Public and Private Locations)
9 KB
Bedrock Geology
168 KB
Citizen Water Monitoring Sites
11 KB
4 KB
County Designated Critical Environmental Areas
260 KB
296 KB
County Sewage Treatment Plants
7 KB
3 KB
Digital Elevation Model (50- Foot)
41 MB
FEMA 100 & 500 year flood plains (2007)
14.3 MB
16.6 MB
Gaging Stations
8 KB
Hazardous Waste Sites
111 KB
72 KB
Hydric Soil Wetlands
4.16 MB
4.23 MB
Land Cover Classification
343 KB
Major & Minor Drainage Divides (2012)
527 KB
612 KB
Major Drainage Basins
167 KB
National Wetland Inventory
2.1 MB
NYS Designated Freshwater Wetlands
593 KB
625 KB
Steep Slopes
111 MB
Sewage Treatment Facilities (Private)
5 KB
5 KB
Stormwater Outfalls
69 KB
Surface Geology
269 KB
Tidal Wetlands
663 KB
883 KB
USGS Digital Elevation Model (30 meter)
1.09 MB

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