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Using the ArcGIS Server Connection, you can access Westchester County's Map Service in software such as ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Explorer, AutoCAD (using an ArcGIS for AutoCAD) and mash it up with your own data.  Below are directions on how to add ArcGIS Server Connection to your software.
**Note** Some layers are scale dependent and will only display when zoomed in close enough.

List of ArcGIS Server Map Services

ArcGIS Desktop Users
1 - Click the Add Data Button
2 - Select GIS Servers 
3 - Select Add ArcGIS Server
4 - In the Add ArcGIS Server dialog box, select Use GIS Services
5 - In the General dialog box
             a - select Internet
b - In the Server URL box, type
             c - Leave the User Name and Password blank and press Finish.
6 - A new server connection will be added to the GIS Servers list called
             arcgis on giswww.westchestergov.com
7 - Double click "arcgis on giswww.westchestergov.com"
8 - Select a map service and press Add
ArcGIS Tips
Turn layer name on/off in the Map Service layer (not avail for all services)
You can make the layer name visible/not visible in the  Map Service layer listing
Right click on the map service > select properties > select layers tab >
    - Check/uncheck the layers to be visible/not visible in the Table of Contents
    - Check/uncheck the layers that you want labeled/not labeled
AutoCAD Users

In AutoCAD, connect to our map services using ArcGIS for AutoCAD plug-in from ESRI.
here for directions.

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