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Apple Users

1 - Download ESRI's ArcGIS Mobile Application from Apple's App Store, install and open it.
  Download iOS App
2 - In the Map Window, press the "Find Map" icon.

3 - On the Find Maps page, select "GIS Connections"
4 - On the GIS Connections page, select the "Add GIS Connection" icon.
5 - In the GIS Connection dialogue box, enter "http://giswww.westchestergov.com/arcgis/mobile" and press "Done"
6 - On the Find Maps page, select "Maps" 
7 - Expand the Maps folder by pressing the "Arrow".
8 - Select "Mobile Community Map" to open the map service.  Select blue Arrow on the right  for Map Details.
 - You should now see Westchester County's Mobile Map
9 - See below for a listing icons and their meanings:
Find Maps: Find /Add Map Services
Map Tools: Tools to measure distance and area
Map Layers: Lists the map layers and basemap in the map.  View legend, manage map content ( turn layers on/off, change basemap)
Search Places
GPS - Find your current location

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