Tax Parcel Maps:

Westchester County GIS currently  provides Town of Yorktown tax
parcel map as a prototype. *

There are three modules available now.

Property Information Module: You can search for a property by a parcel
section block lot number, parcel address, and owner name.

Notification Module:  You can search for a parcel by section block lot number,
parcel address, or owner name, then create a buffer distance around the
selected parcel.  You can also download a mailing list file for the parcels that
fall within the buffer.

Site Selector Module:  You can process complex queries based on your
criteria and the system will display information about individual parcels.

* The tax map and the associated real property information are  provided by
Town of Yorktown in Westchester County.  If you have any questions about
the data, please contact Fred Koelsch, GIS Analyst at 914-962-5722 x221
or e-mail to Fred at