Who are my Elected Officials?

The "Who are my Elected Officials?" application is intended to assist
residents of Westchester County to quickly identify their elected
Westchester County legislative, New York State (assembly and senate),
U.S. Congressional and Senate elected officials. The application is user-friendly and requires entering only an address and zip code.  After an address has been located, the user is provided with the name of the representative, phone number, and mailing address.

This GIS-mapping system was created by compiling information from
current state and federal demographic GIS databases and other
geographic-mapping data bases and is considered to be generally
accurate. If, however, inaccuracies are detected by the user, or if an
address does not generate a response, the user is asked to email the
County of Westchester at gisservices@westchestergov.com to assist
us in maintaining the accuracy of this system.

Please be advised that this information is provided as a public service
to Westchester County residents for informational purposes only, and
should not be relied upon as a sole informational source with respect
in identifying representative district boundaries.  The County of
Westchester hereby disclaims any liability for any and all damage, loss,
or liability which may result, directly or indirectly, from the use of this GIS
mapping system by any person or entity.

User comments are both welcomed and encouraged. Additional district
boundaries and layers of information will be added over time.

The application works with Internet Explorer (Version 5.5 or higher) and
with your monitor screen area set to 1024 by 768 for best display.

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