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MunicipalBoundaries (MapServer)

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Service Description: This polygon coverage identifies corporate boundaries for all 45 municipal jurisdictions in Westchester County. Coverage originally obtained from New York State Office for Real Property Services (ORPS), and has been substantially modified to better align with current municipal tax parcel boundaries (WCparcels) based on a compilation of 2012 municipal tax parcel datasets. As all of Westchester's town's and cities compile their tax parcel databases independent of one another, there are situations were the tax parcels do not line up at the municipal borders, often resulting in gaps or overlaps of tax parcels at the border areas. This update sought to re-align boundaries to best follow the municipal boundaries as defined by the tax parcels, and often involved making the best possible spatial compromise where there were gaps or overlaps in tax map jurisdictions. It also reflects the 2011 municipal boundary change that resluted from the annexation of a tax parcel from the Town of Mount Pleasant to the Town of New Castle.

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